Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reaching Out

In the world we live in today, communication can take so many avenues in order to reach the goal of getting the help or direction you need from those you have come to trust and count on.  In our world of distance learning we have found that we must remind our students that although it is important to reach out, it is also important to utilize all the methods of communication available to them.

Since there are many ways to reach our team of dedicated teachers I feel students get stuck on one way, the way that they are most comfortable or accustomed to communicating.  Our teachers provide their email, personal cell for texting,  twitter account, facebook account, personal home phone, and address.  There is never a reason to not reach one of our staff based on this, however there are those students and there always will be that need to be reminded that there are other ways to get the job done. In other words, if at first you don't succeed; try, try, again...

Whatever the circumstance, where there is a will there is always a way.  This has become my motto and has contributed to the overall success of On Track School's growth since 2003.  Such is it in life, when you need help you must reach out.  If there isn't help on the other side, reach out again.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

You Get What You Give...

When it comes to life in general, it is my experience that what you give away comes back to you many times over.  However, the purpose of giving must come from the heart and not the fact that if you give you will be blessed in order to truly experience it for yourself. 

When we take a step of faith into the unknown and we just believe in the unseen and hold on to our convictions that it will be so, without the negativity that tempts us into asking questions and entertaining doubts we allow ourselves the opportunity to reap the benefits of what we are willing to give. 

The On Track scholarship fund, On Track's continued growth, and the calls from concerned parents facing the decision to home school their children so they could have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, are also examples of what we are willing to give.  After almost 8 years of building a private school with the goal of service to others I have some important people to thank.  

On Track Learning Coaches are dedicated beyond my expectations and they have given much of their time to set up our best school year, which begins on Monday, August 28th.  I would also like to thank Trey Canard, Blake Wharton, Davi Millsaps, Ian Trettel , Michael Leib, Pantzsaggin, for their donations to our ebay store which has helped us raise $800 toward our scholarship program.  Finally, a special thank you to the parents who call in and share their stories and are willing to sacrifice even more than they already have in order to provide a quality education.  

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Congratulations to On Track Star; Wanda Ezell

Mrs. Wanda Ezell has been with On Track since 2007 and we are so very proud to have her on our team. She is not only a dedicated Learning Coach, our very own curriculum specialist, assistant to Mrs. Andrea, she is also a good friend to us all.
Mrs. Wanda lives in North Carolina with her husband who serves in the US Army and three children who also attend On Track. Mrs. Wanda and her girls are all part of a bluegrass band, “Pinkgrass Girls”, and as a family they travel to various festivals and performances throughout the year.  You can check out their music on their facebook page or you can come see them live at the talent show at Loretta Lynn’s on August 5, 2011.
Andrea:  “As On Track School grows into our 9th year I am very blessed to have Mrs. Wanda as such an integral part of our growth and development. We are a team of teachers who at the core care about bringing the best possible virtual education to students who choose to follow their dreams. 
Wanda: “I like to say that On Track has become a huge blessing to me and my family.  Working with On Track allows me the freedom I need to be able to support the girls and continue my career. I enjoy working with students from all over the United States as well as other parts of the world.  It is very refreshing to work with young people who are focused on their dreams and still understand the importance of getting a good education.”
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scholarship Opportunity 2011

Every year at Loretta Lynn's during the AMA Motocross Amateur National's we look over our requests for scholarships and choose a student who will be the recipient of an On Track education. It becomes a difficult task since in doing so we know that too many students will not be able to attend due to the cost of a private school education.  There have been too many times when parents have explained that they cannot afford new motorcycles let alone an education.  Although this is depressing it is the reality of our sport which leaves parents to try to home school their children on their own.  This becomes a real challenge without the support of qualified teachers and an accredited curriculum. 

In our attempt to help raise funds for our scholarship fund we are selling donated items on ebay at our On Track School page and thank many of our graduates and industry leaders who clearly understand this reality; Trey Canard, Blake Wharton, Davi Millsaps, Ian Trettel, Michael Leib, and Pole Position.

If you are interested in applying for an On Track scholarship please submit your essay to Andrea Leib, Director of On Track; and include the following:
1. Why do you deserve this opportunity?
2. How committed are you to setting goals and reaching them?
3. How important is it to be a team player on and off the track?
4. List 2 references, non-family/friend that we may contact.

On Track is a private virtual school that allows students the opportunity to pursue their personal interests in sports, the arts, as well as continue on their personal journey of life, without compromising their education.  For more information please visit or call 888-325-0879.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It Takes a Team...

Have you ever noticed that champions are not alone on the journey to a winning victory?  Most of the time we will only hear about the individual or their results during the course of their training season.  It is when we hear them on the podium that we see the proud faces of the people behind the scenes that we realize how much hard work and sacrifice went into making this success a reality.

Vacations missed, sisters or brothers giving up their dreams to keep the family together, and mothers and fathers completely changing careers to become a "team" manager or traveling cook among other things.  The important thing is to have fun while you are making all of these changes and to know your responsibilities.  Every time we got in our motorhome at this time of year we would stop at a new destination be it Meteror Crater, the Grand Canyon, and even when we would break down, which is something you should come to expect from time to time, off-road 4 wheel rally racing.

When it comes to enrolling into a homeschool program the same team approach is recommended at On Track School and the students who make the honor role at the end of the year are the students who are on the podium with the team players by their side. They did their job as well, they became home coaches who helped their students follow through with their responsibilities.  We would like to thank them for being a team player and for contributing to the success of their student.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Meaning of Graduation

In June we are reminded of a certain right of passage we call, graduation.  Each year stores stock special cards, friends and family send announcements, and we mark our calendars when we plan to attend graduation ceremonies of those closest to us.  Memories come back to us of our own experience and the close of a childhood chapter in our lives as we approach the next challenge awaiting us; "Where do we go from here?".

Answering that question can take a life time.  Although there are some who know exactly what it is they want to do with the rest of their lives, many of us are overwhelmed by the possibilities as well as the consequences of possibly not making the right choice.  The important thing to do is to take the first step toward your future goals by writing them down and researching what it will take to get there.  After that it is simply putting one foot in front of the other and before you know it you are closer to your first goal.  Once you reach the first goal, repeat and continue without quitting.

Find something you feel passionate about and try to build your future around that and you will be successful. If you believe you can do that then eventually you will.  It will take hard work and in the end it will be worth it.  It is not always about the end result, what we learn in the process builds us up if we let it.

"Life is a journey and not a destination. " - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Homeschooling: Pressure for Young Althletes?

Recently I was interviewed by sports Psychologist, Dr. Patrick Cohn and Lisa Cohn on the topic of the pressures of homeschooling. Many athletes who participate in competitive sports that take them to a national level make the decision to take their education outside of the brick and mortar school in order to pursue their personal goals whether it be on a motorcycle, snowboard, or horse track. Since On Track has provided young aspiring athletes with a private school education that can go with them wherever their passion takes them, I was happy to address this topic.

Let me first say that initially when motocross took my husband and our son to Texas for a national when he was only in 5th grade, I was naive to the fact that motocross would also be taking our family unit back and forth across the USA for the next 9 years. Being a teacher for over twenty years at that time, homeschooling was something I had mixed feelings about. Ten years later, I am very satisfied with our decision to home school our children and we made the world our classroom wherever we traveled.

As for the pressure on students who are given the privilege to attain a private school education in order to follow their personal goals, I feet that these students are relieved to be able to work independently as they travel to their competitions, training facilities, and are more organized and successful in general. The pressure of failing due to absences in a sport that is year round and the lack of understanding from most public schools regarding amateur motocross, disables most students from staying in a school and training to their fullest. Our student and parent testimonials can attest to this.

Pressure does exist, however, I feel that the pressure of home schooling falls on the parents. In order for an educational program to be successful it is my theory that a team approach to reaching goals is essential for student success. It can make or break the experience. As with anything in life worth attaining hard work is required by all, with homeschooling that means students, parents, and a team of dedicated teachers to help support the process!

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To listen to our interview on March 30, 2011 click here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Benefits of Private School Education

For students and families who make the decision to attain a private school education the benefits are outstanding. Currently there are over 6 million students who are enrolled in private schools in the United States. Approximately 3.5 million students in grades K-12 enrolled in a private school are home schooled. This number has tripled in the last eight years.

Among the benefits private schools are able to provide a safe environment, which supports the family environment honoring morals and values. In addition, private education provides a motivating approach toward attaining academic excellence with limited distractions allowing students to score higher on standardized tests. Students are twice as likely to go on to college, and participate in community events on a larger scale demonstrating their desire to become involved citizens.

The facts dispel the myths that have stood in the way of thinking outside the box when it comes to attaining a private education.

· Ninety percent of private high school graduates attend college, compared to 66 percent of public high school graduates.

· Private schools produce an annual savings to taxpayers estimated at more than $48,000,000,000.

· Private schools are racially, ethnically, and economically diverse. Twenty-three percent of private school students are students of color; twenty-eight percent are from families with annual incomes under $50,000.

· The participation of private school students in community service projects is significantly higher than their public school counterparts.

· The fear of students being socially delayed if attending a private home school has become a myth since these students learn to get along with a wide variety of people, making them more socially mature and better able to handle new situations.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Year...and I am feeling good!

It has been too long since I wrote an On Track blog. Perhaps the New Year ringing in has inspired me as many others to write a new page, not only here, but in my life as well. When people asked if I had a New Year's Resolution when I was younger I would think to myself, "Okay, this is your moment, come up with something BIG!" Then something like, "I am going to quit smoking!", would come out of my mouth. Yes, I know it is hard to imagine, I did smoke back in the day. You know what though? Big resolutions can lead to big results.

Resolutions are like goals. Without them we achieve status quo, with them we try to go the distance. If I had not stated that out load I would not have tried. Grant you, I had to state this a few times, however, the end result is that I quit smoking 23 years ago. I read something today in one of my morning readings that I would like to share with you since I feel it is so relative to ALL of us.
  • When I ask you what's your goal for your health in 2011? If you say, ‘I don't have one,’ then your goal is to stay the same.
  • When I ask you what's your goal in your relationships? If you say, ‘I don't have one,’ then your goal is for them not to get any better.
  • When I ask you what's your goal for your finances and getting out of debt? If you say, ‘I don't have one,’ then your goal is to stay in debt.
  • When I ask you what's your goal for your business career? If you say, ‘I don't have one,’ then your goal is to just drift along.
So, I challenge you to join me, take the opportunity to step out in faith and believe in the things to come, the things that you cannot yet see, and SEE them. It doesn't matter if anyone else sees these things, these new goals of yours. You have to be the change in your life that you want to see. Now go and dream big... and you WILL get closer.

***excerpt shared from Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life