Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scholarship Opportunity 2011

Every year at Loretta Lynn's during the AMA Motocross Amateur National's we look over our requests for scholarships and choose a student who will be the recipient of an On Track education. It becomes a difficult task since in doing so we know that too many students will not be able to attend due to the cost of a private school education.  There have been too many times when parents have explained that they cannot afford new motorcycles let alone an education.  Although this is depressing it is the reality of our sport which leaves parents to try to home school their children on their own.  This becomes a real challenge without the support of qualified teachers and an accredited curriculum. 

In our attempt to help raise funds for our scholarship fund we are selling donated items on ebay at our On Track School page and thank many of our graduates and industry leaders who clearly understand this reality; Trey Canard, Blake Wharton, Davi Millsaps, Ian Trettel, Michael Leib, and Pole Position.

If you are interested in applying for an On Track scholarship please submit your essay to Andrea Leib, Director of On Track; and include the following:
1. Why do you deserve this opportunity?
2. How committed are you to setting goals and reaching them?
3. How important is it to be a team player on and off the track?
4. List 2 references, non-family/friend that we may contact.

On Track is a private virtual school that allows students the opportunity to pursue their personal interests in sports, the arts, as well as continue on their personal journey of life, without compromising their education.  For more information please visit or call 888-325-0879.

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