Sunday, August 28, 2011

You Get What You Give...

When it comes to life in general, it is my experience that what you give away comes back to you many times over.  However, the purpose of giving must come from the heart and not the fact that if you give you will be blessed in order to truly experience it for yourself. 

When we take a step of faith into the unknown and we just believe in the unseen and hold on to our convictions that it will be so, without the negativity that tempts us into asking questions and entertaining doubts we allow ourselves the opportunity to reap the benefits of what we are willing to give. 

The On Track scholarship fund, On Track's continued growth, and the calls from concerned parents facing the decision to home school their children so they could have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, are also examples of what we are willing to give.  After almost 8 years of building a private school with the goal of service to others I have some important people to thank.  

On Track Learning Coaches are dedicated beyond my expectations and they have given much of their time to set up our best school year, which begins on Monday, August 28th.  I would also like to thank Trey Canard, Blake Wharton, Davi Millsaps, Ian Trettel , Michael Leib, Pantzsaggin, for their donations to our ebay store which has helped us raise $800 toward our scholarship program.  Finally, a special thank you to the parents who call in and share their stories and are willing to sacrifice even more than they already have in order to provide a quality education.  

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