Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Homeschooling: Pressure for Young Althletes?

Recently I was interviewed by sports Psychologist, Dr. Patrick Cohn and Lisa Cohn on the topic of the pressures of homeschooling. Many athletes who participate in competitive sports that take them to a national level make the decision to take their education outside of the brick and mortar school in order to pursue their personal goals whether it be on a motorcycle, snowboard, or horse track. Since On Track has provided young aspiring athletes with a private school education that can go with them wherever their passion takes them, I was happy to address this topic.

Let me first say that initially when motocross took my husband and our son to Texas for a national when he was only in 5th grade, I was naive to the fact that motocross would also be taking our family unit back and forth across the USA for the next 9 years. Being a teacher for over twenty years at that time, homeschooling was something I had mixed feelings about. Ten years later, I am very satisfied with our decision to home school our children and we made the world our classroom wherever we traveled.

As for the pressure on students who are given the privilege to attain a private school education in order to follow their personal goals, I feet that these students are relieved to be able to work independently as they travel to their competitions, training facilities, and are more organized and successful in general. The pressure of failing due to absences in a sport that is year round and the lack of understanding from most public schools regarding amateur motocross, disables most students from staying in a school and training to their fullest. Our student and parent testimonials can attest to this.

Pressure does exist, however, I feel that the pressure of home schooling falls on the parents. In order for an educational program to be successful it is my theory that a team approach to reaching goals is essential for student success. It can make or break the experience. As with anything in life worth attaining hard work is required by all, with homeschooling that means students, parents, and a team of dedicated teachers to help support the process!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Benefits of Private School Education

For students and families who make the decision to attain a private school education the benefits are outstanding. Currently there are over 6 million students who are enrolled in private schools in the United States. Approximately 3.5 million students in grades K-12 enrolled in a private school are home schooled. This number has tripled in the last eight years.

Among the benefits private schools are able to provide a safe environment, which supports the family environment honoring morals and values. In addition, private education provides a motivating approach toward attaining academic excellence with limited distractions allowing students to score higher on standardized tests. Students are twice as likely to go on to college, and participate in community events on a larger scale demonstrating their desire to become involved citizens.

The facts dispel the myths that have stood in the way of thinking outside the box when it comes to attaining a private education.

· Ninety percent of private high school graduates attend college, compared to 66 percent of public high school graduates.

· Private schools produce an annual savings to taxpayers estimated at more than $48,000,000,000.

· Private schools are racially, ethnically, and economically diverse. Twenty-three percent of private school students are students of color; twenty-eight percent are from families with annual incomes under $50,000.

· The participation of private school students in community service projects is significantly higher than their public school counterparts.

· The fear of students being socially delayed if attending a private home school has become a myth since these students learn to get along with a wide variety of people, making them more socially mature and better able to handle new situations.

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