Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It Takes a Team...

Have you ever noticed that champions are not alone on the journey to a winning victory?  Most of the time we will only hear about the individual or their results during the course of their training season.  It is when we hear them on the podium that we see the proud faces of the people behind the scenes that we realize how much hard work and sacrifice went into making this success a reality.

Vacations missed, sisters or brothers giving up their dreams to keep the family together, and mothers and fathers completely changing careers to become a "team" manager or traveling cook among other things.  The important thing is to have fun while you are making all of these changes and to know your responsibilities.  Every time we got in our motorhome at this time of year we would stop at a new destination be it Meteror Crater, the Grand Canyon, and even when we would break down, which is something you should come to expect from time to time, off-road 4 wheel rally racing.

When it comes to enrolling into a homeschool program the same team approach is recommended at On Track School and the students who make the honor role at the end of the year are the students who are on the podium with the team players by their side. They did their job as well, they became home coaches who helped their students follow through with their responsibilities.  We would like to thank them for being a team player and for contributing to the success of their student.

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