Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back to School

You have heard it said that there are times in life when we have bow our heads and go back to the proverbial drawing board. I like to think of these times as a an opportunity to go back to school.  In doing so, we need to go back with a humble soul and an open mind allowing us to capture the essence of life's lesson, otherwise a lesson lost is one we will have to learn again and again.

Many times we all get stuck in the rut, not the good ruts on the track that help carry your speed in the turns, the ruts that bring us down, the cross ruts if you will,  testing our patience.  It is so hard to not fall into the victim role of "woe is me" and instead realize that sometimes you do need to go back and relearn something whether of not you think you deserve what is happening in your life, right now.

I am proud of my son, Michael.  Adversity strikes once, twice, three times, and more and it gets harder and harder to deal with it and truly understand it.  We have raised our two children, now grown adults, to not be victims of their circumstances.  It has become our motto, "this is how we roll", because we have learned as a family to support one another and roll with life.  You fall off the horse, you dust yourself off, you get back on and ride again better and stronger.

Last weekend, Michael raced a local race offering a nice purse for the pro class at Perris Raceway.  This was his opportunity to go back to school ... it is humbling, character building, and most of all it is fun.  Sometimes going back to the school of life is just what we need ... no matter the circumstance.

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