Sunday, February 24, 2013

Be the Dream

In a world full of distractions it is a challenge to keep the dream front and center.  Whether you are a racer, a career driven individual, a dreamer, or a student looking to graduate, your dream needs to become your goal in order to become your reality.  You need to be the dream.  Live it, see it, taste it, and want it bad enough that whatever it takes YOU make it happen, no excuses, no blame game.

"How can this happen?", you say?  "It is overwhelming!"  "Where do I start?" One of the most self defeating responses would be, "Only people with money and people in high places can achieve such success!" It is no secret that whatever we think and whatever we profess with our words becomes our reality, a self fulfilling prophecy.  First you must change your thoughts and your attitude will follow suit. 

Having a dream become a reality starts with YOU and no one else.  Start by taking the distractions away, turn it all off until you can hear the calmness of your soul.  There you can start to believe in the God given talent that you have and make the sacrifices that will push you to the dream that is waiting for you.  It will take hard work and dedication. That is not a problem since you already have everything you need to make this dream become real, and then you will be the dream! 

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