Monday, September 23, 2013

Are You Ready?

Cooler weather...
Your favorite sweater...
Thinking of pumpkins and a new pair of boots...
Back to school...

I believe that if we take some time to plan ahead, going back to school can be a positive memory in the future as well.   Think about how much time we spend sleeping and the benefit of having a great mattress.  How about how we feed our bodies and how it relates to our health and longevity?  An education will last you a lifetime, it will take you places far beyond not having an education.  The same is true for all of these examples; what you can get out of it is directly relative to what you are willing to invest into it.

1.  Get Organized
Use your calendar to help you define a homework schedule that you can stick to.
Print out your syllabus for each course and check things off the list daily.
Keep your teacher contact information close by.
Prepare your mind to find solutions to challenges as they come up.

2.  Set Goals
What do you want to accomplish?
When do you want to accomplish this goal?
What reward will you receive when you meet this goal?
Will you be ahead of your calendar?
Can you graduate early?

3.  Stay Focused
Refrain from distractions while reading by turning your devices off.
Do you have the option to customize your education allowing you greater focus?
Try to think about one subject, one day at a time, this will help you prevent feeling overwhelmed.
Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier, finish school work earlier.

When fall approaches next year my hope for you is that going back to school will be on the happy list just like cooler weather, my favorite sweater, pumpkins, and a new pair of boots are for me.

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