Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pace Yourself

This month the message became loud and clear while attending Loretta's for what would be the 10th year. Only this time I would be there with my husband and not a racer, a race team, or our daughter who accompanied us most of these trips. Yes, we have a daughter. = )

Although the heat was truly unbearable, it was a great visit to be there without the pressure of racing and have the chance to connect with racing families that we have known for years and to also talk to new families about our new and enhanced 2010-2011 customized school program.

As the heat index rose to something insane like 124 degrees, watching our riders go out on the track with high expectations and then watching them come off like soldiers returning from battle drove the message home. Pace yourself. Whether it be in sports competition that demands every ounce of energy and strength or in life in general it is so important to do.

So many times we jump in and don't weigh the consequences and loose sight of the big picture. I was privileged to be a part of some amazing family discussions during my time at Loretta's and happy to report that there are benefits to pacing yourself and looking down the road to seeing the bigger picture.

Whatever it is that you do in life, take the time to digest it all when you come to the bumps in the road, or as Vanessa Redgrave calls them, "the messy bits", and think things through, have a plan, and feel free to modify as you go. Most importantly, have a little faith...

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