Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Plan B; by Andrea Leib Director of On Track

Nine years ago, when the idea of the On Track program was born, I used to say that it was essential for young athletes to have a PLAN B. Since education to many at that time was obviously not a priority, I was able to shed some much needed light on what has become my passion over the last 30 years, education. After all we all need a PLAN B, right?! I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you the announcers and promoters who gave me their time as I learned to take the mic into my own hands and give education a voice.

Now with current headlines showing the new national unemployment rate at 10.2% and foreclosures being held back intentionally by our banks due to government restrictions solely to keep our economy somewhat steady, it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As these circumstances pertain to many of us who have been around the motocross industry since the 80's, it is unbearable to witness top professional motocross racers become privateers, not to mention the hundreds of riders who cannot afford to ride anymore without any support from the sponsors that backed them for years who now cannot continue in order to keep their doors open.

So what about PLAN B? Ironically, this year I have seen many of my graduates go on to college than any other year since 2000. On Track now offers many college level courses so we can offer young athletes incentives as they pursue furthering their education. College? Yes, you got that right! As times change so must our goals and aspirations. Do you have a PLAN B? Take time in this year and consider your options. Invest in yourself and you will go further in life!

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